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Everything you need to make life easy when paying an in-home caregiver. Comprehensive electronic payment and household payroll services, with expert assistance for you and your family.

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Reliable Payroll Services ... and More

  • Whether you're paying for care out of pocket or with your long-term care insurance policy, hiring a Long-Term Care Provider independently or through a referral agency can be a safe and cost-effective way to take care of your loved one. We help with all of the details so you don't have to worry.

    A total payment and record-keeping solution, LTCpayroll makes it easier for families and caregivers to focus more on their loved one’s care, and less on the hassles of paying for that care. LTCpayroll offers two unique payment options to help manage the process of setting up, administering and processing payments for caregivers.

    EPIC (Electronic Payment for Independent Contractors): Works for families who prefer to pay caregivers as 1099 Independent Contractors.

    HHE (Household Employer) payroll: Provides a complete payroll and tax solution for families who prefer to treat caregivers as W2 employees. LTCpayroll withholds employee and employer taxes and submits them to the appropriate authorities.

    Both payment solutions remove the burden associated with tracking hours, writing checks and paying a caregiver registry. In both cases, LTCpayroll provides useful tools for both families and providers.

  • Getting Started is Easy!

  • STEP 1: Register with LTCpayroll Submit a contact form to ltcpayroll from this website and a representative will call you back within one business day.
  • STEP 2: Speak with an LTCpayroll representative about which service(s) best meet your particular needs. Your representative will provide any forms which need to be signed by you prior to setup.
  • STEP 3: LTCpayroll registers you and your caregiver(s). LTCpayroll takes care of all of the documentation necessary to complete the setup process. This may include authorization forms for electronic funds transfers and other necessary documents for employment or tax purposes.
  • STEP 4: Keep your care provider's hours without lifting a finger. If you choose, you will have access to our proprietary telephony service, so you can keep records of your caregiver's hours without you having to worry.
  • STEP 5: Weekly or bi-weekly payrolls replace your need to write a check. You approve your caregiver's hours online, and make any necessary corrections. Your caregivers and any caregiver referral company are paid electronically via direct deposit, and any fees or taxes are withheld and paid automatically.
  • AT YEAR-END: LTCpayroll takes care of all of the year-end filings. LTCpayroll will help you with any required tax filing needs, and will supply your Caregiver(s) with a completed 1099 or W2 form, as appropriate.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have long-term care insurance, we can help you get paid more quickly. We have special forms and processes for families paying for care with long-term care insurance. Ask us how we may be able to speed up your reimbursement process.

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