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Hourly/Overtime Wage Calculator for 24-hour employees

Please input the number of hours per week your caregiver works, and the agreed gross salary, then press the "compute hours" button. This calculator will give you the standard and overtime pay rates, and the number of hours at each rate it translates to.

Number of hours per week:

Agreed weekly payment amount:


Standard hours: hours at standard pay rate: $/hour, or $per week

Overtime hours: hours at overtime pay rate: $/hour, or $per week

Total weekly payroll: $per week

Please note the following:

  • Please note that your state may have different minimum wage requirements than the Federal minimum wage - always be sure that the standard rate is above the applicable minimum wage in your state to ensure compliance.
  • All pay rates and amounts rounded to the nearest cent.
  • Calculations do not take into account the number of compensable hours per day in your state. For more information please contact LTCpayroll.
  • All caclulations are presented for informational purposes only - please contact your accountant or a tax attorney for all employment matters.